Most 5 Bizzare food in India

Most 5 Bizarre food in India

What comes to your mind first when you think of Indian Food? I’m sure that the first few things that come to your mind are about the rich spices, mouthwatering curries oily fat, hot, fine aromas, rich flavors, diversity, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, etc. But no-one would think anything close to Bizarre.

It is time to get the shocker of a shocker Before we begin, Today, we are looking at 5 Bizarre Dishes Eaten in India.

5. Frog Legs

For the Lepchas community in Sikkim, there is nothing more exotic than a few pieces of Frog legs. For them, Frog legs are a delicacy they can relish on for their entire life. People in Sikkim eat frog legs to cure dysentery and other related stomach ailments. Seriously??

4. Red Ant Chutney

Chhattisgarh is a tribal state in India. Here, the favorite chutney of the tribe is called Chaprah. For those brave-hearted hoggers, here is something new that you can try, The Red Ant Chutney. This sauce can be sore for your nose but when it comes to setting your tongue on fire, it surely does the job. Also, delicious red ants cooked along with their eggs into heady and hot chutney, Chaprah is Chattisgarh’s dish that the people are crazy about. These red ants are also used as a garnish for the dishes to make it spicier and hotter.

3. Dog Meat

Nagaland is totally different from the rest of India. Here, the dish considered a delicacy might be regarded as a taboo to other Indian communities. Here, the delicacies include dogs, spiders, pork, beef, crabs, cats, chicken, and even elephants. A dog is considered a delicacy in Nagaland, Mizoram, and Manipur’s tribal communities only. In India, it is the spice and the curry that the world is crazy about. The difference in eating habits spanning the nation makes it so interesting.

2. Doh Khlieh

Another very bizarre salad dish that hails from Meghalaya, a North-Eastern state in India, is Doh Khleh. Doh Khlieh, a Meghalayan cuisine, will definitely push you out of your comfort zone. It is considered to be a delicacy. It consists of Regular pork and onion salad, but what makes it bizarre is its garnishing. The salad is garnished with steamed Pig brain. Dare to eat?

1. Jadoh

Ever heard of Jadoh? It is a rice dish that is cooked with either pig or chicken blood and entrails. Cooked and eaten by the Jaintia tribes of the North East, it is a dish that has pig intestines and blood of the chicken as the ingredients. It is similar to Pulao but here the main ingredients are rice, blood, and pig intestine. With this food on your plate, it sure does get crazier. So, these were our picks for 5 Bizarre Dishes Eaten in India. What do you think about these dishes?

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