Top 5 apps for Fashion Designer

Hi everyone welcomes back to my blog and in today’s blog we are gonna talk about the top 5 apps for Fashion Designer that you need to be a successful designer stay tuned in to the very end to see what my number one top app is but let’s kick this off with my number is 5. Pinterest 4. Sketch 3. Turbocollage 2. Pantone and 1. Illustrator

5. Pinterest


Pinterest is a great image bank for all your researching needs you can go on there and search for loads of different topics, Pinterest has lots of street style shots CADs print references anything that you want you can find on Pinterest. What’s great is that you can pin all your images to different boards so if you’ reworking on multiple categories you can have different boards for each one of the categories and save different pins based on it so if you’re working on Branding in Pinterest just search for loads of branding if you’re working on spring-summer 20 searches for spring-summer 20 images not only is it great for fashion but it’s also great different things that you might want to do in your personal life so if you’re redoing your garden search for a load of garden images if you’re redoing your room again bedroom images it’s honestly great and best of all it’s 100% free so no worries about subscription charges or any of these little costs that come with Some apps.

4. Sketch

Sketch the app allows you to draw on the photo and then it’s ready for you to use later now what’s great about that Well you’re out and about you’re doing your trend research you’re going to different shops and see what’s about you taking some sneaky photos and you see one thing out there that you really really like and that you think you can design into and make better well sketch is great for this because you can take a photo and then you can draw over the photo and write annotation so when you get back to your office or back to your laptop if you’re freelance you don’t have to worry about trying to remember all the bits and bobs that you needed to do or if you want to show your ideas in a meeting again then use Sketch this is 100% free app. The sketch is a very impressive app

3. Turbocollage

Turbocollage now Mood boards are sometimes really difficult they take a lot of thought and time to get through them and sometimes it’s really hard to get the balance just right every day I can be creating different mood boards the different meetings different clients from a manager for directors and turbo collage really helps speed up the whole process you can select multiple images and collect all your images onto one board it’s so good you can just choose the template that you want and then choose as many images as you like I said this is great to generate quick mood boards I would still suggest working on your own if it’s for your managers or direct this is just a really great tool to generate quick mood boards to give your team a flavor of where you want to go and what you’re trying to achieve the only stepback to this app is that you can only download it on iPhone but there are some great alternatives on Android, alls you have to do is search for collage maker.

2. Pantone

Pantone studio now first of all let me just say that the majority of this app is paid for and it’s not very expensive but I don’t pay for it I justuse the basic programs just to get where I want from it this is such a great app after you’ve done your mood boards then you need to start making a color story so what does Pantone mean well Pantone is a company that matches every single color to a number so then you can reference that number and your suppliers can match their paints and their die to your colour so why is Pantone studio usefulwell it’s great for creating colour palettes and closed stories and what’s great about this app is you can go around and take a photo of something that you really like color wise and Pantone studio will match the colors in that specific Pantone’s then all you have to do is drag your new colors into a palette and save it down when you next go into the arc you can pull up these palettes and then you can see the colors in different formats so you can see some text you can see some of graphics and you can also see some basic fabrics the only setback to Pantone studio is that you can only download it on iphone you can’t download it on Android and I haven’t really found an alternative that does the job on Android.

1. Illustrator

Illustrator oh my god I cannot talk enough about illustrator it is the most important app that you need if you want to be a successful designer I use illustrator on a daily basis and oh my god it solves so many problems and its really useful so what do i do with illustrator, this is where I draw all my tap pack garments and illustrations it’s really useful because it’s a vector-based program so you can draw all the things that you need and it’s relatively small files I also do the majority of my mood boards on it now I know I’ve already mentioned turbo collage but this is when you’re doing your serious boards for presentations it’s great because you can collect all your images on one page and then sort them out you can send stuff to the back brings stuff forward and really make it look pretty and organic and beautiful now illustrator isn’t enough but I would suggest using your phone or your tablet i really suggest using it on a Mac or acomputer it’s downloaded and there is a subscription fee the one I use is a flexible contract where I can cancel it month to month if I need to and thats just over 30 pound a month there are other subscription options so you can pay just under 20 pound a month and that is a rolling contract that you can’t cancel and the third option is a one-year subscription and this is justover two hundred pound.

So that’s my Top 5 apps for fashion designer out there there are loads more out there that I’ll cover in a future blog but for now, at the top 5 lets me know in the comments section below watching your favorite app and how you use it for design so thanks for reading. Check Your Teer Results

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