What is Jio Meet App and How to use Jio Meet App?

Jio Meet Details

JioMeet is a free video-conferencing app developed by Reliance Jio. In view of the increasing demand for video calling and Indian application.

Indian company Reliance Jio has started its video conferencing app JioMeet for the common people of India. There are a lot of people in India who have to use other video conferencing applications to attend meetings or college lectures through daily video calls.

They have some limitations to use and also have to pay money. In such a situation, India’s App “JioMeet” will be very helpful for those people, and in terms of security, JoiMeet is much better than other apps. JioMeet has many features that make them better than other video conferencing apps.

Let’s know which such features are available on JioMeet? Several features of this app have been reported on the Google Play Store. You get a lot of features in JioMeet’s enterprise-grade host controls, including.

  • JioMeet is a free video-conferencing application made in India that you do not have to pay any charge to use. up to 100 people can attend a meeting together on jio meet JioMeet application has been launched for all operating systems.
  • Jio Meat Applications Android OS version 5.0 and above, OS version 9 of iOS and above, all versions of Mac OS 10.13 and above. And also support on OS version of Windows.
  • JioMeet can be easily accessed on the web as well. It can be used on firefox and chrome browser.
  • In this, any new participant can join the meeting without signing up by meeting ID or personal link.
  • Any user in JioMeet can easily sign up with the help of their mobile number or email ID. JioMeet provides the user with the HD quality audio and video calling feature, as well as the live chat feature. Multiple device login in support of up to five devices.

That is, an account of JioMeet can be used by logging on to five different devices. If for some reason you want to be connected to the same video conferencing call from disconnected laptop to mobile or mobile to laptop, you can easily switch without disconnecting Unlimited meetings can be hosted in 1 day through JioMeet and any meeting can run round the clock without any interruption.

Every meeting is password protected The person hosting the meeting can also use the waiting room facility.  This would not allow any participant to join the meeting without permission.

It is also allowed to form a group.  Calling and chatting can also be done in just one click. Audio or video modes can also be used during calling.  It also has a safe driving feature, as well as many features like screen sharing, which you get in this app.

How to download JioMeet to different devices?

You can download JioMeet on all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS and the web through its related app store or you can also download it from the official website of Jio Meet.

How to use Jio Meet in Android Phone?

Let’s know how to use Jio Meat on the phone? First of all, open the Play Store on your phone and search JioMeet there. Now download the JioMeet application.  Once installed, open it when you open the Jio Meet application, you see three options here. Join a meeting, sign up, and sign in. The option of “join a meeting” is given to join the meeting.

How To Join Jio Meeting?

You can also join any meeting without signing up.  If someone has sent you a meeting-link or meeting lD to join the meeting, then you can join a meeting in two ways.

First by meeting ID – If someone has sent a meeting lD to join your meeting, then you can fill that meeting ID here.

The second way through the meeting link – You will also see the option of “Join a personal link name” here. If someone has sent a meeting link to you to join the meeting, then as soon as you click on the meeting link, that link will be automatically filled here or copy that meeting link and click on “join a personal link” Click on the option and paste that link here. Fill it in whatever way you want to join the meeting.

After filling the link or ID, fill your name here. After that, you also get some options before joining the meeting here. If you want to keep your audio off in the meeting then enable the option “Don’t connect to audio” here and if you want to keep your video off in the meeting, then enable the option of “Turn off my video” here.

You can also change this setting after the meeting starts. Now click on join a meeting to join the meeting.

Is Jio Meeting is Password Protected?

Yes, now before joining the meeting, you have to enter the password of this meeting here. The meeting password will be sent with your link.  After entering the password, click on ok. Now, this app will ask you for some permission before starting the meeting.  You have to click on Allow. Now how will the meeting start, you will also see a preview of it here?

You have to click on “Join with Video”.  Now you must have joined the meeting. After signing in, you can join the meeting in a similar way. And if you want to create or host a meeting then you have to sign up in JioMeet.

Let’s know how to sign up for Jio Meet.


How to create your account in JioMeet.

Click on sign up here to create your account in Jiomeet.

You can sign up here in two ways.

First by email id and second by mobile number.

To sign up by email id, you have to enter your valid email id here. After that, you have to enter your first name and last name here. You will see the terms and conditions of the app here.  You can read the terms and conditions by clicking on it. If you agree with the terms and conditions of your app, click here.

Then click on the option next. After this, JioMeet will send a message to your Gmail to verify your email. To verify the email ID, open Gmail on your phone. Now open the email sent by Jio Meet here. After opening, you can see by clicking here this email id has been sent by [email protected]

You can verify your account by clicking verify here or clicking on the verification link. Click here to verify your account.  As soon as you click on verify, a page creating JioMeet password will be opened in your browser.

Now you have to create a strong password here for your account.  Now enter your password in the password box here. To confirm the password, click the same password again here and click on the box with the confirmed password. When your password is set, click on continue here.  The page that starts the meeting will open as soon as you click on Continue. Now your account has been created.

Now open the JioMeet app to sign in to your JioMeet. Now click on the option sign in here. After that enter your email id and password here and then click on sign in. Once you are signed in, your JioMeet will be open.

Second way

You can also sign up with a mobile number in JioMeet.

Signing up with a mobile number is very easy

Click sign up here to sign up.

Now enter your mobile number here.

After that, put your first name and last name here.

Now click here to agree to the terms and conditions.

Then click on next. As soon as you click on next, an OTP message will come to your phone number from the Jio team to verify your number.

In that message, which will be a 6 digit OTP code, you have to fill that OTP code here. Then click on next. Your JioMeet is open as soon as you click on next. Once signed in, you will see the interface of JioMeet in this way. You will see some options on the JioMeet homepage. You can create or host a meeting by clicking New Meeting here. You can join the meeting by clicking on join a meeting.

How to join the meeting. I have already told this. Here you can schedule a meeting by clicking on “plan a meeting” and you can also share the screen of your mobile phone by clicking on “Share screen”. Here, you can see the contacts of users using JioMeet by clicking on contacts.

When you click on external contacts, you will get the option to invite here. You can invite anyone to use JioMeet by clicking on “Invite People To Join Meat”. On the meeting page here, you will see a list of scheduled meetings, and also you will see your personal meeting ID here. This is your personal meeting ID.  Whoever you share this ID will be able to join your meeting with this ID. You can change the password of your meeting by clicking edit here.

You also get more options here. Here, you can enable the option of waiting room by clicking on enable waiting room. The advantage of enabling the waiting room option is that no user will be able to join your meeting without your permission.

On the settings page here, you get the option of setting your profile and meeting. If you want to change the photo and name in your profile, then you can change it here. You can change or set your profile photo by clicking on the profile photo here.

You can also change your name by clicking on the display name here.

You can also set the necessary details related to your job in your profile here. And by clicking on signout here, you can also sign out of the account, and after clicking on the meeting in Settings here, you will also get the necessary settings related to your meeting.

Now let us know how to create or host a meeting in a Jiomeet. If you want to create or host a meeting, click on New Meeting here. After clicking on the new meeting, here you get some options before the meeting starts. The video option is here.

You can also turn it off if you want, and if you want to invite your participants by personal ID, then enable it. And if you do not enable it, then every time you create a meeting, your meeting ID and password will be different in every meeting.

Now click on “Start a meeting” to start the meeting.  Your meeting will start as soon as you click. From here you can see the layout of your speaker.  If you have connected your phone to a Bluetooth speaker or headset, you can see it here and change it. You can also turn off the speaker here you can click the back on the camera icon or switch the front camera.

Here you will see the meeting ID and password of your meeting. From here you can also make your meeting in “audio-only mood” and you can also mute and un-mute your audio by clicking on the muted option below And you can also turn your video off and on by clicking on the icon with stop video here. and you can also share your phone screen with the participants of your meeting by clicking on the share option here.

If you want to show something or give some detail on your phone, then you can use this option. Hereby clicking on the option containing participants. You can see all the participants in your meeting.

From here you can also mute and re-unmute all your participants. If you want to invite someone to your meeting, click on the invite option here. When you click on invite, you get a lot of inviting options here. You can invite anyone to the meeting via WhatsApp, Facebook, or Gmail, or you can click on the copied URL and ask anyone to join the meeting by pasting the link on WhatsApp, Facebook, telegram, etc.

After clicking on more here, you also get more options. After clicking on chat here, you can also do a live chat with your participants. From here you can also turn some options on or off in a live meeting. You can also hide by clicking on “hide self-view”. If your meeting is over, you can leave your meeting by clicking End here or you can end the meeting completely for everyone.

Overall this is a very good video conferencing app.  In this, we get HD audio and video quality. And you can use it easily by phone number or email id. that’s it for today  If you have any questions related to this, you can comment and ask us.

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